Hello all

Hope everyone is doing good

My last two weekends have been very interesting. I have tried a few new Mx races this year but never thought I would do an enduro race!

Now I have done 2.

KTM Scandinavia asked if I would be interested in doing the Gotland Grand National, the biggest enduro race in the world and I said, yes.

I have never done an enduro race or tried anything like it. To prepare myself a little I did an enduro race in Denmark a week before, named Grand National.

The race was 3 hours on a 10 kilometer track and most of the track was sand.

It went well for my first ever enduro race. I finished 9th out of 130 riders and finished 4th overall in my own class. I had so much fun and was happy with the result.

This race was just to prepare me a little for Gotland to see how I feel riding 3 hours straight which I’m not used to.

Gotland Grand National, what a place and what a race.

Absolutely crazy experience, never ridden on anything so crazy and slippery before! They have been riding on the same track for the last 40 years and all the land on the track is almost gone, so a lot of very sleek stones and riding on cliffs was so crazy for 3 hours straight.

Around 3300 riders were riding on the track before me.

I was racing the women’s elite class. We were the last class with the elite boys to get out and do 3 hours on the 22 kilometers track, we were at the start around 300 riders starting at the same time, so crazy. I was a bit too careful the first 2 laps and it cost me some time and also had a crash that also cost time but  started to get good speed and could finish 10th overall which I’m very happy about! Thankful to have experienced this! Thank you!

I spoke with the 4 times world champion in enduro, Jane Daniels. She said this was the toughest race she ever done, that’s a bit about how crazy the track was.

She finished 2nd overall in Gotland Grand National 2023.

Now my race season is finished and I will send out an end of season email very soon, to talk about how my year has been and what 2024 has to come!

Thank you all for helping this sæson, couldn’t be more thankful!

Best regards

Malou Jakobsen