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Malou kæmper videre

Hello All

I raced the 5th round of the women’s world championship this weekend. I had a very enjoyable weekend in the deep sand. And know what I need to work on from now on to be better but we back on track 💪🏽


Free Practice: p12  Time practice: p11

Race 1:

Not the best start, but I felt confident and had fun while riding, and finished 11th.


Race 2:

Pretty good start was 7th out of the first corner. But I need to be better in the first few laps. Some mistakes also put me a  little more back around 12-15, battle for some places. But I have been working hard so I knew my fitness would help me the last laps and it did. I took 2 girls on the last lap which put me into 10 position where I would finish.

10th overall!

I’ve been looking to battle into the top 10 all year so I’m super happy to end the year in wmx with a top 10 finish and have built my confidence back again after everything!

There is still one round left in Turkey, but I will not be at the start. After everything that has happened with bikes stolen, the budget isn’t there to go sadly.

Still have races back in Sweden and Denmark, so keep on fighting 💪🏽

Thank you all for keep believing in me ! And helping me to race at the top level of the sport!

Best regards

Malou Jakobsen