Ecomaxx Fuels

Malou i Svensk mesterskab

Swedish championship:

2nd overall Swedish championship 2023.

About the day:

I had a good day with a lot of speed.

I knew my 2nd place in the championship was secured so all I could do was go all in.

Qualifying: p2

Race 1: Holeshot, riding was going good, made a mistake so got passed and went down to 2nd, was riding very good, struggled a little with flow but couldn’t do anything about the championship, the championship leader was riding safe and smart. I finished 2nd and the championship leader finished 3rd. That was enough to get the championship done in race one for her.

Race 2: Almost Holeshot, went a little too wide in the first corner but was right behind p1 first 12 min, and had good lap times. Ended 2nd and 2nd overall of the day

Championship I finished 2nd overall. This year has been a lot of struggles for me mentally with everything, so I am happy to finish the year strong and showing good speed. I have been on the podium everytime. I wanna win and will win the championship one day. Just means when I do it will mean so much more and I can’t wait for that day!

I will also take part of world biggest enduro event GGN ( Gotland Grand National). It will be a lot of fun and can’t wait to try!